About Us - Keri Juice Blends

About us

Keri has been blending delicious juice for over 40 years in New Zealand.
Now we’re bringing our blends across the Tasman.

To bring Keri Juice to Australia, we have created the perfect juice recipes for Aussies.

At Keri Juice Blenders we live and breathe juice. We are experts with a passion for creating delicious blends of fruit and vegetables. Together our team of blenders work to create the perfect mix of fruit and vegetable flavours and textures. Our obsession with juice knows no limits and we constantly coming up with new and imaginative ways to juice, blend, squeeze and pulp natures goodness. We like to say our heads are full of fruit and vegetables and our obsession is what has inspired Keri today.

We’ve brought our quirky minds to life in each and every pack. We invite you to step inside our ingenious minds with our fun and juicy little stories. We reimagine the world of juice, it’s a bit quirky and definitely fun.

After all, life’s too short to be serious.